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Enerlab 2000 Inc, a manufacturer of thermal insulation products used for buildings since 1982, has announced that they launched a very important Research and Development project aimed at developing a new non-food supply related renewable polyol used as raw material to make polyurethane insulation products.


With ever increasing global concern over rapid depletion of non-renewable fossil fuel based resources, there is a strong interest worldwide in developing suitabletechnologies that can derive chemicals and materials from renewable biomass.


Mr. Armand Langlois, President of Enerlab 2000 Inc. declared: "This project fits in the long term strategy of Enerlab to develop new green products. The preparation of higher valued green chemicals and bio-based products favors the future use of lignin biomass components, which are not part of the food-chain supply, with substantial environmental and economical benefits. Lignin is the second most naturally abundant biopolymeric substance after cellulose."


Enerlab will carry out this 3-year R&D program of over $1M in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) which is involved in a larger scope effort through the National Bioproducts Program. Several NRC institutes, namely the Industrial Materials Institute (NRC-IMI), the Biotechnology Research Institute (NRC-BRI) and the Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC) will take an active role in this R&D project, which is supported by the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and the Consortium de recherche en plasturgie et composites du Québec (CRPCQ). Dr. Minh Tan Ton That from NRC-IMI presented a paper at this year's Polyurethanes 2010 Technical Conference in Houston in October.


Enerlab 2000 Inc is a manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate board stock foam and structural insulated panels. It can be reached at 450-446-8554 or at



May 2011


Since 2008, the Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau has staged a number of climbing expeditions, including three ascents of Kilimanjaro. Along the way, it has raised more than $2 million in aid of children with cancer. To adequately meet the growing needs of the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau at CHU Sainte-Justine, the Fondation is organizing a trek along the mythic Inca Road to the majestic city of Machu Picchu. The expedition takes place from May 21 to 31, 2011.


This formidable challenge is aimed at raising $300 000 in aid of children with cancer. To meet this objective, each climber must collect a minimum of $10,000 in donations as well as cover his or her own travel expenses.


As someone devoted to the cause of children with cancer, I have made a commitment to climb the Inca trail to the Machu Picchu City. To make this expedition a success, I hereby appeal to your generosity in the hope that you will contribute by making a donation.


Since its creation, the Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau has worked to support Québec's position and development in the area of pediatric cancer. All proceeds go toward the ongoing development of the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau at CHU Sainte-Justine and toward research on pediatric cancer.


We hope to hear from you soon.


Warmest regards


Armand Langlois



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2008 January 21th










2008 January 10th





The ascent of Kilimanjaro a Benefit Project in aid of children with cancer





Armand Langlois, president of Enerlab, is a member of the team wich will attempt the highest summit in Africa from January 10th to January 24th, 2008. This bold challenge is aimed at raising $200 000.00 in aid of children with cancer.

All proceeds will go toward the ongoing development of the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau and to research on pediatric cancer.


We invite you to support the cause by making a donation and follow the climber's progression on Fondation Charles-Bruneau web site.


Support our climbers! - Kilimanjaro 2008 - Fondation Charles-Bruneau


Thank you to all our generous donators and sponsors.








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